About EduCATER

Welcome to EduCATER!

EduCATER trains the future leaders to cater to the changing industry needs.

EduCATER: Edu stands for “ EduCATION”  and CATER means to provide people with food for thought and knowledge.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create the future leaders by enhancing the leadership potential. 

Our values:

  1. We believe people are the future for any business.
  2. Helping people realise their real potential by believing in themselves.
  3. Teaching practical skills to make people independent
  4. grow ordinary people into extraordinary individuals 
  5. Train the trainer model

What do we do?

EduCATER is one stop shop for all our RTO (registered training organisation) services and products including the development of assessment tools, Training and assessment strategies, policies, forms and QMS for all Training Packages.

We design and develop the curriculum that meets the interests of trainers and makes learning relevant to life. We incorporate learning framework and adult learning themes, integrated units, projects, group work, individual work, and hands-on learning to make students active learners. Finally, we integrate learning into the local community to help organisations become caring and active members of the society.

What is the benefit of engaging EduCATER?

  1. Cost efficient and fixed price engagement 
  2. We deliver within the agreed timelines 
  3. The final product made in a user-friendly format (electronic format), which permits and approves the clients with unlimited use.  You read it correctly; you will pay only once.

 Our working style?

EduCATER’s success is based on engaging highly qualified personnel, strong relationships with clients and a professional business environment.

Our reputation as a leader in audit and assurance services has been built over the last decade. Our working style is characterised by:

  1. Active partner personal contact
  2. Thorough knowledge and insights of the approved AVETMISS management systems ( Eg: TRUSS RTO, Wise.NET, VETTRAK, and TEAMS)
  3. Established relationships with education industry suppliers 
  4. Working in close partnership with our clients over the long-term to most effectively achieve their critical success factors
  5. Providing a flexible and supportive working environment for our staff
  6. Maintaining quality control systems to enhance the quality of our work
  7. Maintaining state of the art administrative support, infrastructure, and information technology systems to assist in meeting client efficiency expectations


Mr.Prabhakar Agraja (PA), CEO and founder of EduCATER, Australia’s leading RTO Consultant and Internal auditor 

email: info@educater.com.au 

Mr PA is a qualified lead auditor in Quality Management Systems and an experienced executive demonstrating exceptional leadership skills specializing in the Vocational and Education and Training (VET) sector in Australia. He has managed RTOs since his entry to the Vocational Education and Training sector in 2004. He has provided advice and guidance to dozens of RTOs throughout Australia and built a proven track record in all aspects of Vocational Education and Training. PA’s goal is to coach and empower clients to achieve a business culture of continuous improvement and professional development. The ongoing viability and sustained growth of its customers are foremost in the business philosophy of him. Mr PA is currently a mentor for Victoria's young entrepreneurs and a committee member of Wyndham City Council's Learning City Portfolio Committee. In Victoria state, Australia. Prior to this, he was also a judging panel member of Australian Institute of Management Awards 2016 (Victoria state) and a state finalist award holder (Manager of the year 2015) from Australian Institute of Management and MIBC (Melbourne Indian Business Club) (Aug 2013) Business Excellence Award holder - for business contribution in Victoria State (One among 51 people in Victoria State). PA's goal is to coach and empower clients to achieve a business culture of continuous improvement and professional development. The ongoing viability and sustained growth of its customers are foremost in the business philosophy of PA.


·         Quality management systems and document development for RTOs

·         Training and assessment design, development and validation

·         Auditing and compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, ISO9001 2015

·         Business analysis and development of project strategies and solutions

·         Security, risk analysis, and risk management

·         Specialist Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) resource developer and assessor


·        Master of Education (International) from CDU, Australia

·        Graduate certificate in Education from CDU, Australia

·       TAE80210 Vocational Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

·        Diploma of Vocational Education & Training and Diploma of Design and Training Development

·        Diploma of Quality Auditing

·       MBA (School Management) and Doctorate in Management studies

Ms.Sue Casey, ELICOS Consultant and Academic Governance Member 
email: trainingtargets@yahoo.com
Curriculum and materials design for English language programs. Submission writing for NEAS accreditation. Examples include: General English (all levels), English for Travel and Tourism, English for Business, English for Academic Purposes, English for IELTS Preparation, English for Hairdressers
CELTA Trainer at Holmes College
Professional development for ELICOS and TAFE ESL teachers
Occupational English Test - test item writer for Vets, Nurses and Dietitians
Training needs analysis for the Defence Force School of Languages (DFSL) Laverton, Melbourne
Curriculum and learning materials development for language for specific purposes
LOTE curriculum writer for CAE
Language for Specific Purposes course design for DFSL i.e. Operational Engagement including assessment rubrics and tasks
Professional development for language teachers
Program evaluation

Dr. Suresh Hungenahally, IT Consultant for ICT services of EduCATER
and Academic Governance Member suresh.hungenahally@suraksha.com.au

Dr. Hungenahally is an experience IT executive and proven leader with 20 years of experience in senior roles both in the public and private sector. He has delivered business and technology value add by aligning IT and business goals and outcomes. 
As an ex-CIO and CTO he has experience managing multiple simultaneous projects with varying degrees of complexity and interdependent priorities and deliverables. He possess a sound understanding of both IT and business operations. He has conducted architecture and systems audits at all levels – Enterprise, Systems, Application, integration, code and infrastructure for large corporations including, Telstra, Toll Holdings, National Australia Bank, Department of Defence, ATO, Victorian Govt. Qld Govt, Brisbane City council and Tarong Energy.

PhD Information & Communication Technologies Griffith University. Australia 1997 MSc Electrical & Biomedical Engineering University of Saskatchewan. Canada 1988 BE Electronic and Communication Engineering Bangalore University. India 1984 Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Griffith University. Australia 1994

Specialties: Telecommunications, Transport-logistics, Education, IT, Utilities, Defence, Financial Services and Government 

IT Governance, auditing, compliance and analysis 
Strategic and effective IT management 
IT investment analysis and risk management 
Shareholder and Stakeholder Value add by Business-IT alignment 
IT sourcing, IT value add, relentless delivery and cost cutting 
Chief Information and Technology Officer 
Strategic IT planning and implementation Solution architecture

About us 

EduCATER is a team of highly professional consultants with over 16 years of experience in Australian vocational and Education and Training sector, training design and the National Skills Framework. We offer a range of specialized services in traditional learning and development, industry training and development and in RTO Systems, processes, quality and compliance. We believe our success is based onour client's satisfaction and are committed to providing products and consulting thats are targeted at our client needs and which exceed expectations.

Our Experience Shows!
  • In the (Vocational Education and Training) VET arena, we have negotiated and managed different administrative strategies, built relationships and respect in VET sector. Respected for our integrity and business acumen, we have gained client credibility and recognised for response to Education Industry in Australia. We have streamlined and enhanced different training schedules, developed new opportunities with fresh ideas.

  • We are very familiar with the procedures of a Registered Training Organisation and enjoy the administrative side of Management and auditing compliance.

  • With clients that range from family business operations and 2 friends starting a training organisation to some of Australia’s largest corporations, Our consultants takes a personal and professional approach to tailoring his services to meet client’s needs. Our Consulting services were established in 2005. We does this consulting service out of passion as a provider of quality VET compliance products and services.
  • Our consultants develops great relationships with clients who depend on consulting partner to provide them the right advice to support the growth and compliance of their business. In addition to private consulting services, our consultants are also an external Lead Auditor in training compliance.

Do you need compliance expertise?

There is a lot of work involved with running an RTO, not only do you have to meet the compliance requirements; you also need to ensure the success of your business. It can be very difficult to juggle being compliant and achieve business success, we have a total coaching solution for you and your RTO, that is going to save you time and make you money.

Achieve the balance between compliance and business success.

We provide:
  • Unlimited email support
  • Monthly Coaching from both a Business and Compliance Coach
  • A systematic approach to growing your RTO
  • Access to Unicorn, our Compliance Management System, with compliance documentation that is kept current
  • We will keep you up-to-date with changes in legislation and other regulatory requirements
  • Advise when your RTO needs to transition from superseded training packages
  • “We provide our compliance and business expertise, so that you can focus on building a successful business”
Compliance audits against the standards for RTOs 2015

  • All RTOs are responsible for ensuring they fully comply with the Standards at all times as a condition of their registration. Our approach to the audit process aims to assist you to comply with the Standards for RTOs 2015.
  • The nature of the audit will depend upon the purpose of the audit i.e. initial registration audit, extension to scope audit or re-registration audit. We will assist you to lay the groundwork to efficient and effective manage the implementation for this change.
  • EDU’CATER ‘will partner with your RTO, to ensure you are delivering quality the training and assessment across your organisation using compliant tools and procedures.

Jenny Thompson, 
RTO Consultant
email: contact@educater.com.au 

Have 5 years of experience in education industry of Australia.

Graduate Diploma Management (Learning)

Diploma of Training Design & Development

Diploma of Vocational Education & Training

Diploma of Quality Auditing

Mr.Suryanarayna Saripalle,
Trainer and assessment tool writer
email: ssaripalle@cateredu.edu.au 

Mr Suryanarayana Saripalle, is currently an RTO professional specialising in assessment tools development for Engineering and Management training packages in VET sector. Suryanarayana by vocation is an Engineering professional with more than 25 years of experience in Engineering R&D and project management. As a results-driven, accomplished and dedicated professional in education, science, technology, research and engineering areas with a diverse range of experience, throughout his professional career over the past 30+ years, commands wealth of relevant local and international experience in Engineering and Management education. Suryanarayana having acquired a proven track record of achievement as a leading learning and instructional designer, industry workplace-based assessor/trainer offers to provide educational leadership through his specialist advice and support to learning and teaching, in both class room and workplace environments. He is an experienced communicator with highly developed interpersonal and negotiation skills, with strength in sustaining effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

Ms.Nildhara Gadani, RTO Consultant  for CHC Training package, https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/chc 
email: nildhara@educater.com.au 

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

Self-motivated Childcare professional with over 6 years of experience in VET sector. Skilled communicator with hands-on training experience. Ability to integrate professional experiences to enrich student learning. Strengths in building and managing stakeholder relationships, awareness of AQTF guidelines and ability to work with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities.