ICT Services


Get custom email (@yourcompany.com) and 30GB of inbox storage. Available online and off, Gmail is the most powerful email client in the world.Google Calendar allows you to schedule events quickly by checking a coworkers’ availability or layering their calendars in a single view and you can edit your schedule on the go from your phone or tablet.

Use Hangouts to connect with the people that make your business run via HD video, voice or text. You can save money and time on travel, but still get all the benefits of fa ce-to-face contact. Your entire team can join the same Hangout from their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with the same easy-to-use experience. 

dial pad for RTOs

EduCATER is bringing Dialpad to private RTOs in Australia.

The intelligent, portable, business phone system built from the ground-up for G Suite.
Calls for the Modern Workplace: Connect your team wherever they are, on the device that is most familiar to them. Calls in and out of your business from any device.
Seamlessly integrate with G Suite and see all customer interactions from your phone. All the benefits of an office-based VOIP system, without the hefty price tag and IT guy to run it.

 EduCATER is Re-seller partner with Synnex Australia 
https://www.synnex.com.au/ and 
Notebooks R Us http://www.notebooksrus.net.au/ 

Through the Synnex Cloud Marketplace, as the partner we use the central hub for procuring and configuring solutions, allowing our clients to capitalise on new and emerging technologies at speed and scale.


We take help from Synnex and drive long-term profitability through the Microsoft CSP program, through boosting recurring revenue streams and increasing customer engagement levels. Leveraging interactive workshops and sessions, we provide local Microsoft expertise to allow partners to select, deploy and manage cloud solutions.


We also use the Synnex Cloud Automation platform which allows us to provision and manages cloud solutions efficiently and effectively. We can also order IaaS and SaaS services on-demand, take advantage of helping opportunities, while attaching hardware and software with cloud bundles under one integrated platform.

ICT & Software Solutions
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources constitute a critical component of the teaching, learning and administrative function for educational organisations. We can provide support to your organisation by implementing stable, flexible and cost-effective ICT infrastructure to manage future growth and changes that reduce overall operational costs.
Building applications for the education sector require a deep knowledge of what RTO Education Providers really need to maintain and grow their business. This is one of our strength. Generally, customers do not know about the capabilities that software can bring for them and many times only look for fulfilling their specific needs. However, when the requirements change, technology change, the business grows, or other opportunities emerge, the software becomes obsolete. Our compromise is to provide solutions not only for the current needs but also for the changing future. Our solutions are thought to satisfy the most important edges of the software, which include extensible, usability, portability, and performance.
What about the support? Software should not be sold as a magic thing that works for itself. Users need to understand how to get the full benefits of its purchase. The training we provide makes it possible. If adjustments are required, then those must be provided. The software should fit the user needs, instead of users fit in the software. We advise our customers on the requirements definition, so they can make a better software selection even with others providers. To avoid issues related to software, preventive activities must be taken, such as create a backup, but our clients do not need to worry about that since we facilitate preventive and corrective activities to keep the business running.

Implementing E-Learning and Learning Management System for RTOs:

We offer instructional design, content development, design and user experience development, training and documentation as well as integration with student management systems to streamline resulting. We specialise in project managing an end to end solutions of our clients to roll our your e-learning solution.
If you are thinking about moving your paper-based training online for the first time or looking for ways to better engage learners and increase your completion rates, we can help. 

We offer instructional design, content development, design and user experience development, training and documentation as well as integration with student management systems to streamline resulting.

EduCATER has helped a number of providers to re-imagine and reinvigorate their online courses. Working together we were able to transform linear courses that lacked inspiration, to become masterpieces that focus on user experience and student retention. 

Student Management Systems for RTOs

Learner Management Systems (LMS), Student Management Systems (SMS), and Financial management system and phewwwwww what other systems are there? 

Do they all communicate each other? Wouldn’t it be great if your systems seamlessly did their job and communicated information between them! EduCATER will advise and can project manage the rollout or consolidation of your systems. We have experienced with Xero financial management software integrating to the following student management systems such as BlueGEM, Wisenet and VETTRAK.
We endorse BluGEM as our partner for LMS and SMS needs: Bluegem’s products and services: www.bluegem.com.au

Please email us to info@educater.com.au for more details.


With 50 billion connected devices set to hit the market by 2020, we remove the complexities and costs associated with the Internet of Things. EduCATER as a partner can leverage end-to-end product offerings, system pre-built and configuration and cloud-based services, speeding up integration and time-to-market p


EduCATER is ready to help our clients with the hardware solutions easy, through utilising Synnex state-of-the-art fully automated logistics centre in Sydney, housing more than 12,000 product lines. Synnex facility holds 10,000 pallets and processes more than 106,000 cartons per week, removing inventory and shipping management challenges for the channel.


EduCATER makes use of the synnex's dedicated Configuration Centre in Melbourne, with expert engineers providing services such as system and server builds, hardware upgrades and asset tagging, alongside Google device enrolments, data destruction a
e-waste options, plus education programs and POS systems.