RPL Process

This webinar has been designed to provide an overall view of the RPL process from start to finish and includes samples of valuable RPL template.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an essential part of our VET system, yet one that causes students a great deal of stress, and seems to take trainers, assessors and managers out of their comfort zone.

As RPL is an assessment process, it must be conducted following the principles of assessment, and the evidence collected must meet the rules of evidence.

Learning Objectives

·         Understand the principles that underpin the RPL process

·         Understand compliance requirements for RPL

·         Identify different steps required during an RPL process

·         Develop the skills to support students throughout the RPL process.

·         Minimise time required to process an RPL application

·         Improve success rate of RPL applications

·         Eliminate non-compliances related to RPL.

Who should attend

Participants should already be working as trainers/assessors and have some experience performing competency-based assessments. This webinar is for individuals who want to improve their skills to design and develop RPL tools and strategies within an RTO environment.

We recommend this workshop to:

·         RTO Managers / Compliance Managers / VET Consultants

·         Training Managers / Head Trainers / Trainers and Assessors

 Price: $80 per participant (Statement of attendance will be provided to the attended participants)