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Referral Partner Program

The Referral Partners Program is ideal for advisers, thought leaders and professional associations; refer clients & get paid.

•        Free to join.

•        Earn up to $100 for each new client you send that converts!

•        Refer users with a special link - great for email signatures, links on your website, blog posts and more.

•        Optionally host your own EduCATER signup form on your site to make new user signup a breeze.

•        Ideal for advisers, consultants and people who love to EduCATER & want to tell their friends!

Do you have clients, associates or a community of business people you'd love to tell about EduCATER? Great! We'd love to make it easy and give you a little something to say thanks for spreading the word.

•        Who the Referral Partner Program is designed for

•        How to become a Referral Partner

•        What you'll get as a Referral Partner

•        Sign up and join the program


 Who the Referral Partner Program is designed for

The EduCATER Referral Partner Program is for people who want to promote EduCATER to their own networks. Designed to be quick, easy and automated, the EduCATER Referral Partner program is great for all sorts of people, including:

•        People who love EduCATER and want to tell their friends and associates about it!

•        Membership based associations whose members would benefit from EduCATER's features

•        Digital publishers, thought leaders, and others who often have people coming to them for advice and recommendations for tools to run their business better

•        .. and anyone else who'd like to spread the word about EduCATER and get rewarded in return for their efforts 


 How to become a Referral Partner

Becoming a Referral Partner is a simple two-step process:

1.       RRegister your interest in becoming a Referral Partner by sending your portfolio and expression of interest to 

Our team will get in touch and learn a bit more about your business and the people who hope to refer to EduCATER and answer any questions you have about the partner program.

2.       Get your Referral Code & Tools

You'll get your own unique partner referral code so we can track the new leads you send and pay you when they convert to a paid plan. See below for more details on the tools and

 What you’ll get as a Referral Partner

•        Up to $100 for each new account that signs up to EduCATER and a bonus of 5% of what we make from our own pocket without affecting the client what they pay for our services.

•        A dedicated Referral Partner code

Once you become a Referral Partner, you'll be given your own special referral code. Any time someone signs up to an EduCATER trial using this code, which you can put on your website, embed into links, include in your email signatures, include in email newsletters (you name it!), that account will be linked to your code and we'll pay you if that client signs up to a paid plan (see above for rates).

•        An "EduCATER Partner" link to put on your website

Referral Partners will also get a signup link that includes your dedicated referral code, so that anyone who goes from your website across to EduCATER will also earn you credit if they convert.