RTO Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Service:

Cost: $3,000.00 + GST

We are to here to help you and not sell you with something which you do not need.

 Our fees are realistic, fair and affordable. We structure our fees to develop long-term business relationships with our clients, not gouge as much as we can and then disappear.

 Description: A full internal compliance audit with a site visit and reporting.

Purpose: To provide a detailed understanding of your RTOs standard of compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

Outline of service: Is conducted the same as a compliance regulatory audit.

 The audit includes:

1.       one hour (planning/activity outline) teleconference with RTO staff before the site visit;

2.       desk-top review of selected material before the site visit;

3.       site visit – all day activity;

4.       audit of all conditions and standards of the Standards for Registered Training Organizations 2015;

5.       audit of two qualifications including two units of competence from each qualification;

6.       opening and closing meeting; and;

7.       Comprehensive audit report listing all non-compliance and opportunities for improvement (issued within seven days of site visit).

8.       Guiding you with compliance with our templates and advising you with ongoing technical support  

9.       We do provide you excellent examples and templates of these things as a guide and will audit your assessments during their development to provide you feedback about their compliance.

10.   Advising on secure IT management systems, cloud management of your operations

11.   Your website audit that meets ASQA compliance standards

The report will go beyond a normal compliance report and will provide specific rectification advice also. This service is designed to provide an RTO with an accurate and independent picture of compliance as part of a continuous improvement strategy.

 What is not included in the above pricing:

1.       ASQA and any other applicable government or other regulatory fees

2.       Purchase/lease cost of your Student Management Systems

3.       Legal advice

4.       Your business / financial plans

5.       your learning and assessment materials

6.       We also cannot represent you at the audit or correspond with the regulator on your behalf. This is simply not appropriate. This is your business, and we provide you with the technical advice to build and operate it yourself.

 All other consulting services beyond the above scope of internal audit will be charged as per the agreed quotation with the client. 

EduCATER has the expertise and experience to build your IT systems. We request you not to fall into the trap of believing that cut-price providers can build you the systems you need.