RTO Internship program

EduCATER is partnered with a Melbourne internship company called as GTRS to form an extra layer of support our clients in Australia such as Registered Training Organisations(RTOs) to handle all hiring matters for you. We free you up so that you can focus on building your business!

This way, EduCATER can serve your training and recruitment needs in sourcing qualified staff, apprentices/trainees. we also help in up skilling the existing staff.

By hosting an intern from our partner, RTOs can provide them the opportunity to gain valuable skills, and hands-on knowledge while your business gains future employees.

It is important as a host organisation to view the Australian Ombudsman’s Internship fair work guidelines in establishing your internship program.

For specific inquiries send an email to info@educater.com.au 

For more information on GTRS, please refer to GTRS website: http://www.gtrs.com.au/host-organisation/