·         RTO Registration

·         CRICOS Registration

·         Extention to scope

·         Validation and Industry Consultation

·         Funding arrangements with regulatory bodies

·         Increasing the RTO student capacity on scope

·         Curriculum choice and design 

·         Training Organisations Strategic Planning and Implementation help

·         Management Systems

·         RTO(Registered Training Organisations) Policies and Procedures

·         RTO's Quality Management system and Process

·         RTO's Forms and Tools

·         Marketing material review and development

·         Designing websites and content development for the websites

·         Designing Learning Management Systems

·         Designing Student Management Systems

·         Training Organisations Kick Start and Launching

·         RTO(Registered Training Organisations) kick start and registration process

·         RTO's Visits and Inspections

·         CRICOS RTO’s to SVP(Streamline Visa Processing) provider

·         RTO's Audits

·         Audit preparation

·         AQF and CRICOS compliance management

·         Staff recruitment, management and development

·         RTO Application services with the Regulatory bodies

·         Preparation for initial registration of RTO’s

·         RTO start up support

·         Training and Assessment material development ( which includes, Training and Assessment strategies , trainers assessment guides, Learners assessment guides/tools

·         Organization structure development for training organizations

·         Business plan and strategic plan development

·         Financial Planning and control systems

·         Agent selection and management

·         Operational and strategic management advice

·         Marketing strategy and human resource management services