About Us

EduCATER is a team of highly professional consultants with over 13 years of experience in Australian vocational and Education and Training sector, training design and the National Skills Framework. We offer a range of specialized services in traditional learning and development, industry training and development and in RTO Systems, processes, quality and compliance. We believe our success is based onour client's satisfaction and are committed to providing products and consulting thats are targeted at our client needs and which exceed expectations.

Our Experience Shows!

Our consultants are an experienced executives demonstrating exceptional leadership skills specialising in the Vocational and Education sector of Australia.

  • With 14 years of experience in roles both in the public and private sector and understands the long term value of solutions with a defined and positive ROI (return on investment).
  • In the (Vocational Education and Training) VET arena, we have negotiated and managed different administrative strategies, built relationships and respect in VET sector. Respected for our integrity and business acumen, we have gained client credibility and recognised for response to Education Industry in Australia. We have streamlined and enhanced different training schedules, developed new opportunities with fresh ideas.
  • We are very familiar with the procedures of a Registered Training Organisation and enjoy the administrative side of Management and auditing compliance.
  • With clients that range from family business operations and 2 friends starting a training organisation to some of Australia’s largest corporations, Our consultants takes a personal and professional approach to tailoring his services to meet client’s needs. Our Consulting services were established in 2005. We does this consulting service part time only out of passion as a provider of quality VET compliance products and services.
  • Our consultants develops great relationships with clients who depend on consulting partner to provide them the right advice to support the growth and compliance of their business. In addition to private consulting services, our consultants are also an external Lead Auditor in training compliance.

Do you need compliance expertise?

There is a lot of work involved with running an RTO, not only do you have to meet the compliance requirements; you also need to ensure the success of your business. It can be very difficult to juggle being compliant and achieve business success, we have a total coaching solution for you and your RTO, that is going to save you time and make you money.

Achieve the balance between compliance and business success.

We provide:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Monthly Coaching from both a Business and Compliance Coach
  • A systematic approach to growing your RTO
  • Access to Unicorn, our Compliance Management System, with compliance documentation that is kept current
  • We will keep you up-to-date with changes in legislation and other regulatory requirements

  •  Advise when your RTO needs to transition from superseded training packages

“We provide our compliance and business expertise, so that you can focus on building a successful business”

Compliance audits against the standards for RTOs 2015

All RTOs are responsible for ensuring they fully comply with the Standards at all times as a condition of their registration. Our approach to the audit process aims to assist you to comply with the Standards for RTOs 2015.

The nature of the audit will depend upon the purpose of the audit i.e. initial registration audit, extension to scope audit or re-registration audit. We will assist you to lay the groundwork to efficient and effective manage the implementation for this change.

EDU’CATER ‘will partner with your RTO, to ensure you are delivering quality the training and assessment across your organisation using compliant tools and procedures.